An easy-to-use password manager

Sticky Password Free is a password management application for Windows PCs.

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Sticky Password Free stands out from the crowd because it offers a host of other security functions that will make your password-protected accounts the safest around, even on top of managing your passwords. The program can be controlled more or less from the taskbar. You go to the icon and choose Add Account, and fill in the log in details related to the password in question.

Sticky Password Free is pretty intelligent. It automatically recognizes websites that you have added passwords for and fills in the details without prompting, so there’s no copying and pasting or any other timewasters. Sticky Password doesn’t just deal in passwords though – it also allows you to add online identities (no more boring address forms!) and secure notes.

Sticky Password Free is packed full of features that really make it a great option. The program is very simple to use and has great configuration options. There’s also an automated password back-up function and Sticky Password Free’s multi-level password generator will ensure that new passwords are very secure.

Overall impressions

With a great range of intelligent options, Sticky Password Free is a pleasure to use. It integrates smoothly into your browser and offers an auto lock-out function, so you don’t have to worry if you leave your computer accidentally unattended. Team this with Sticky Password’s automatic website recognition, and we’re onto a winner.

The newest version of Sticky Password Free has taken an already great program and made it even better.


  • Makes using passwords very easy
  • Supports auto-fill of online profiles
  • Highly automatic
  • Excellent configuration options


  • Help is available online only

We at appsformypc have tested and used Sticky Password Free and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂