TightVNC is a free remote control software package. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer.

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TightVNC is:

  • Free for Both Personal and Commercial Usage, with Full Source Code Available,
  • useful in Administration, Tech Support, Education, and For Many Other Purposes,
  • Cross-Platform, Available for Windows and Unix, with Java Client included
  • Compatible with Standard Vnc Software, Conforming to Rfb Protocol Specifications.

Advantages of TightVNC :

  • Cut Your Expenses and Save Your Time on Traveling,
  • Help Your Friends and Family to Solve Problems with Their Computers Remotely,
  • Make Sure Nothing Wrong Is Happening on Your Computers when You Are Away.

We at AppsForMyPc have tested and used TightVNC and it worked pretty smoothly :):)

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