Your designers

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Collaborate in context and in real time. Never worry about your files being out of date or overwriting each other’s work.

Your stakeholders

Simply send a link to collect feedback, get change requests, and allow stakeholders to make copy updates in your designs.

Your developers

Engineers always have access to the current source-of-truth and can inspect elements, export assets, and copy code.

Team Libraries

Share components and styles in Figma—no need for shared drives or additional tools. You and your team control how and when changes are rolled out with simple publishing workflows.


Build faster and more consistently with reusable and scalable elements across your files. Access layers in each instance so you can intuitively edit and override text and images inline.


Synchronize colors, text, grids and effects across all your projects. Maintain fewer text styles and align your designs across different devices with Figma’s unique grid styles.


Quickly build flows by connecting screens and adding in elements like interactions, transitions, overlays, and more. Instead of syncing to other tools simply share a URL to receive feedback.

Securely connect teams, fonts, and libraries across your entire company.

We at AppsForMyPc have tested and used Figma and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂

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