It is a drag & drop seamless background audio looper..

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LoopDropZ has one purpose in life, and that is to play sounds in a loop. It was designed to load at startup and provide seamless background audio on your Windows workstation. Operation is idiot-simple, drag files in and they start looping.

As well as the vast array of environmental audio files available for background looping; relaxing bird noises, ocean waves, desert plains, gushing rivers and such, LoopDropZ is highly useful for creating noise barriers (drown out those noisy neighbours!), for providing brain wave synchronization tones, continual subliminal or self-hypnosis messages and much more; basically any sound which can be usefully looped is food for LoopDropZ.

Importantly, LoopDropZ plays audio seamlessly, without any pause or gap – so long as your audio file was designed for looping (millions are, and it’s a cinch to make your own) the sound will play continuously, until you stop it.

LoopDropZ features

LoopDropZ remembers EVERYTHING!

Well, the important stuff. Drag audio files into LoopDropZ, they will added to its drop-down list and remembered, for later. Window size and position are also remembered, religiously. As are the last folders you visited. Wherever possible, LoopDropZ tries to make your life easier, not the opposite.

For instance, when you launch LoopDropZ, whatever you were doing when you last quit, is remembered, and LoopDropZ continues in that state – if LoopDropZ was looping when you quit, it will be looping when it launches. This enables you to have LoopDropZ in your startup folder, for seamless background audio from system get-go.

That sort of thing.

LoopDropZ, ready for action..

LoopDropZ, drop and go..

Drag-and-Drop ease-of-use..

Drag a .wav file anywhere into LoopDropZ; it adds it to your drop-down and begins looping immediately. Drag a whole bunch of .wav files into LoopDropZ and it loads them all into your drop-down and starts looping the first. Drag a folder, and you guessed it; all the .wavs get added to your drop-down, and the first one begins looping immediately.

Wherever possible, LoopDropZ just gets on with it.

LoopDropZ, ready for MORE action..

LoopDropZ, the bigger it gets, the more drop space you have!

LoopDropZ as your Default WAV Preview App..

As well as its usual job as a background audio looper, LoopDropZ will happily double as your system’s default WAV preview program, providing discreet preview facilities for all your .wav files, so when you click any .wav in Explorer, LoopDropZ launches and plays the sound for you. No window is presented, only a simple tray icon, for the duration of the audio.

Before LoopDropZ, I used a console application for this, never quite finding a program simple and unobtrusive enough to be the default system action for my wav file. LoopDropZ handles the role perfectly, even playing multiple overlapping audio files with ease (so long as your sound card can take it – I’ve launched 100+ files simultaneously, no problems, but what a racket!).

You can set this feature from inside LoopDropZ. And of course, your current default settings are remembered, so if you later decide to disable this capability; no problem, LoopDropZ can put back your old setting with a click. Right-click LoopDropZ’s tray icon for this and many more options.


If you have a set of loops you use a lot, LoopDropZ enables you to save them as a set of favourites. No matter what happens in your drop-down list, you can always get back to your favourite set at any time, with just a click.

And of course you can add new loops to your favourites at any time, as well as edit, re-order and sort your favourites list to your heart’s content. Right-click the drop-down control or see below for more details.

List Loop..

As well as looping individual sounds, LoopDropZ can loop your entire loop list! Simply throw in a pile of audio files, and hit Ctrl + L – LoopDropZ will loop through them all, continuously. The list order can be easily edited and arranged to suit your needs, and the whole lot saved as a favourites group, for later use. Right-click the drop-down control for options – see below.

If you already have some audio looping, LoopDropZ won’t stop it before it begins looping the entire list, so you can also have you list looping over the top of another audio loop – perhaps a background track with a varying selection of animal and bird noises running over the top!

And while all that is going on, you can still use the Ctrl modifier to throw sounds in for a quick preview without interfering with either your background audio loop or the looping list. Did I hear Flexible ?


Combo Control tricks..

Firstly, the combo control (that is, a text input control with a drop-down list attached to it) has a context menu, so if you right-click the drop-down part, you get some extra features..

The Open Wav Folder option will open the parent folder of whatever wav file you have currently selected. If no file is selected, LoopDropZ will select the first file from the loop list, and open its parent folder. If no wavs are available for selection, LoopDropZ will ask you to select one, and then, you guessed it; open its parent folder.

Delete this item and Wipe this list are fairly self-explanatory, though note, if you hold down the Shift key whilst selecting the menu item, the current value will be re-inserted back into the input after the wipe, sometimes handy.

Load Favourites and Save As Favourites perhaps need further explanation. If you have a group of audio files you use a lot, you can save them as a group of favourites. At any time in the future, you can get back to just this group by loading them back in. Simple. You can also, at any time, add the current file to your favourites – Add To Favourites.

Ctrl + Delete deletes the current item from the list (and advances you to the next).

You can use the navigation keys on your keyboard to navigate through the loop list items. <Tab> switches between loops list and button for keyboard-only operation.

LoopDropZ, that list has options, and favourites..

Drag & Drop tricks..

You can drag-and-drop WAV files directly onto LoopDropZ. Their path will be inserted into the wav: input (loop list), and will begin looping immediately. You can also load wavs from the tray menu, or via a HotKey (Ctrl + O)

You can drag-and-drop folders, too, as well as any mix of files and folders. Wav files inside folders will be added to the loop list, and the first file will begin looping immediately. You can also load selected folders of .wavs from the tray menu, or via HotKey (Ctrl + F). 

Note: if there are more folders inside the folder, they too, will be loaded (and any folders inside those, and so on). If you want to load only .wavs from the top folder, hold down theShift key during the import.

When it comes to drag & drop, almost all areas of the LoopDropZ window are “live”, so you can drag stuff onto any part of the interface and load it in (if you enlarge the window, you will see what I mean). Because of this, you can keep LoopDropZ butted up against the edge of your desktop, even the entire edge, and drag wav files into it without looking, making for light work. In fact, LoopDropZ is designed to be operated in this manner..

Like most of my programs, if you place the main window over any edge of your desktop, it will snap exactly to the edge. Because of LoopDropZ’s intended usage, and the fact that you can’t drag onto window borders, this behaviour is slightly modified for the right-hand and bottom edges of the desktop.

With LoopDropZ, if you drag the window just over the right-edge of your desktop, it will be sucked-in, and position itself over the edge of the desktop, so that the area directly under the edge accepts a drag & drop..

You will also notice that the play button can be clicked with your mouse butted hard up against the right-edge of the desktop. The bottom of your desktop is also enabled for overlapping, so you can resize LoopDropZ down to *tiny*, and drag it to the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop – the window will “suck-in”, and you should have a drop-box that is a) a total-no-brainer to drag into, and b) can have its button pressed with your mouse butted into the corner of your screen. If you have a lot of wavs to review, I guarantee this will save you a HUGE amount of time.

In this manner, LoopDropZ also doubles-up as a handy audio review tool, particularly if you have dozens of audio files or more. LoopDropZ will also happily become a thin strip taking up the entire side of your desktop, for similar purposes. Experimentation is useful. You may prefer to drag the folder in, and then use the arrow keys to run quickly through the list. (LoopDropZ can also double as your system’s background wav preview app – more info below)

By the way, if you want the window to position, as usual, exactly at the edge of your desktop, simply throw it way off the edge of the screen.

LoopDropZ, real small, when you need it to be..

Miscellaneous tricks..

If you want to play a sound only once (i.e. not loop), hold the Shift key when you press the play button. This also works if you drop a file, select from the combo, etc. if you are already playing. For Method Two, see the next item..

Overlapping Audio
or, playing more than one sound at once..

If you are playing some background audio and want to review another wav file without halting play of your current background sound, you can do one of two things..

  1. Set LoopDropZ as your default system WAV preview application, then you can simply click the file in Explorer to hear it. You can set and unset this option from LoopDropZ’s tray menu. LoopDropZ will store your old settings, should you wish to revert this behavior at any time. Or..
  2. Drag the WAV file into LoopDropZ with the keyCtrl held down. This will play the sound overlapped, which won’t affect the current playing loop, nor add the file to your the loops list. Obviously, this is also handy if you want to preview any .wav file without adding it to your drop-down list. I definitely recommend option 1, though.


Ctrl + OOpen a WAV file.

Ctrl + L Load a folder of WAV files.

Ctrl + A Activate Volume Control.

Ctrl + P Preferences (edit .ini)

Ctrl + DeleteWipe current item from list.

Ctrl+E. Edit the list.

F8 or Ctrl + \Start/Stop Looping.

F9 or Ctrl + /Start/Stop Playing (once).

Note: any one of the previous four hotkeys will stop a currently playing wav.

Esc or Alt + F4Quit

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used LoopDropZ and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂

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