WPS Writer


WPS Office , is dependable and fast word processing software that is highly compatible with 

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Microsoft Office Word , and can read and edit DOC and DOCX formats. This allows you to freely transfer your office documents between Microsoft Word and WPS Writer

COMPLETE OFFICE SUITEIncludes Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets to fulfill all of your document needs in one complete productivity suite.

100% COMPATIBLEView, edit and create almost any document type – all fully compatible with Microsoft Office®. And the best part: it is 100% FREE

PDF SUPPORTSave documents to PDF and send them through email right from WPS Office. Added built-in PDF reader to open PDF documents in WPS Writer.

PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTSWRITER comes with dozens of formatting tools and spell check so you can easily create professional documents.

PARAGRAPH LAYOUT TOOLThe easy to use paragraph layout feature is a drag-and-drop feature allows you to adjust each paragraph naturally. Simply by moving your mouse, you can change the location, spacing, and indentation of a paragraph.

SECTION NAVIGATIONOur Section Navigation tool makes it a piece of cake to jump between, and edit sections. Quickly access Cover Pages, Content Pages, and your Head and Footer, or Split Sections and Delete Sections.

AMAZING PRESENTATIONSCreate beautiful presentations with animation effects, audio, video, photos, and much more.

CUSTOM TEXT FORMATTINGPresentation meets your custom demands for text format. Easily set font, font size, color and more for your master slide.

INSERT TO MULTIPLE SLIDESPresentation saves you time and effort by inserting pictures on multiple slides at once.

We at appsformypc have tested and used WPS Writer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂