Optimize Your Steam Games Library by Turning to This Comprehensive App that Packs a User-Friendly Interface and A Helpful Assistant

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If you’re a fan of playing games on your computer, you’ve probably not only heard of Steam but also have a decent library with some of your most beloved titles installed on your computer.

However, even game library managers such as Steam can sometimes go wrong with allocating resources on the target PC, making its performance spike or wasting space without it being needed. That’s why tools like GameLibBooster were developed.

Optimize your Steam library

As stated above, you can turn to this application if you want a little optimization for the computer you’ve installed Steam on and have populated it with various titles in your library.

Once you launch the application, a list of your drives is displayed on the left side of the screen along with some of their contents. If the application detects Steam on the drives, it will let you expand the identified contents and explore them on the main screen.

Automatic optimization

GameLibBooster performs an initial analysis of your HDDs and SSDs and provides you with a bunch of statistics such as used space, free space, space used by games, space available for games, a disk usage chart, an optimization graph and a performance bar.

After the analysis and optimization processes are done, you can notice that the status of your games has been modified to “Optimized.” In the main screen you can also view the location for each game’s library, the name of your games and their size.

Simplistic Steam library optimizer

All in all, if you’re a heavy Steam user and feel like your computer could use a little optimization in the game library department, you might want to give GameLibBooster a try. It’s simple enough to be used by virtually anyone, packs a nice interface and doesn’t require extensive configuration.

We at AppsForMyPc have tested and used GameLibBooster and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂