High precision scientific calculator with full support for physical units 

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Reasons to use Insect

Insect is open source.

There is a web version that requires no installation.

With both browser and terminal versions available, insect is truly cross-platform.

Insect has first-class support for physical units, including metric and binary prefixes. While evaluating your calculation, Insect ensures that you did not accidentally make any mistakes in combining the physical quantities.

Insect supports an interactive style with its readline-based interface. There is a saved history that can be browsed by pressing up- and down keys. The history is also searchable via Ctrl-R.

The syntax of Insect is rather strict. The parser does not try to be “smart” on syntactically incorrect input, so there shouldn’t be any surprises – and you can trust the result of your calculation. The parsed user input is always pretty-printed for a quick double-check.

Insect is written in a PureScript and therefore benefits from all the safety-guarantees that a strictly-typed functional programming language gives you.

The source code of pure script-quantities (the underlying library for physical units), as well as the code of Insect itself, is extensively tested.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Insect and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂