PDF Password Recovery


Crack and Unlock Your Password Protected Pdf Documents by Running the Files Through One of The Cracking Methods Provided by This Neat App

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Dealing with password protected PDF files is not exactly a daily basis activity, but surely is one o the most annoying process when it comes to PDF documents. Either you forgot your password, or you have the document from somebody else and omitted to communicate you the password, trying to guess the password is no good. This is where PDF Password Recovery comes in; a neat and simple tool that will recover PDF files for you.

Intuitive step-by-step interface

The UI keeps it simple; as soon as you run the program, you have to load in the targeted file. After that, you’ll be required to choose one of the three cracking methods available. The third step is the actual cracking process. Depending on your chosen method, the unlocking process can be shorter or longer.

Besides, for two of the cracking methods, there are additional settings in case you have some information about the password’s composition.

Provides three powerful cracking methods

The first method is called “Brute-Force Attack;” this method takes the most amount of time to complete as it tries all possible combination. On the flip side, this process can be shorter if the password has a maximum of six characters.

The seconds one is “Brute-Force with Mask Attack”; a method that can be used only if you remember details about the password. Open the settings menu to tweak the cracking process in order to accomplish it in a shorter time possible. The same principle applies to the third option, “Dictionary Attack” but this one requires a dictionary to be loaded in.

Auto-shutdown after completion

If the password is to hard to crack in a short time, you can leave the app to its job without worrying about shutting down your PC. On the last screen, when the tool is searching for the right combination, you have an auto-shutdown check box. Check that to turn off your system after the password was found.

In conclusion

PDF Password Recovery is a straightforward tool that lets you recover passwords from protected PDF files. It’s step-by-step UI, and three cracking methods make it a powerful mean for ending a PDF file protection.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PDF Password Recovery and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂