Adlice Diag


A Security-Related Software Utility that Can Scan Your Computer for Malicious Components, Uploading Them to Virus Total if Needed

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Navigating on the Internet has its risks and, in the absence of a reliable security solution, malware can reach your PC through various propagation channels. Created by the team behind RogueKillerand relying on the same anti-malware engine as the latter, Adlice Diag can scan your computer to detect malicious files and components, and have them removed.

The purpose of Adlice Diag is to provide an anti-malware software solution ready to detect suspicious files in one scan. It comes with a robust signature-based analyzer, as well as heuristics support and an anti-rootkit module, which work together to run a security-related diagnostics of your computer.

Runs an in-depth scan of the entire system

The application’s main window comprises the central dashboard that reveals information about your computer’s configuration, while also displaying the scan progress when the analysis is running.

Starting a scan only requires the push of a button. Adlice Diag runs an in-depth analysis of the local system to detect potential dangers. Suspicious files can be uploaded to VirusTotal, an online service that runs malware analysis against some of the most popular antivirus engines.

On the downside, there is no option to run quick or custom scans, alternatives that are usually found in antivirus software.

Browse scan results and export them to a report

All the files that were scanned by Adlice Diag are shown in the scan results, not just those detected as malicious. You can browse through modules, services, Windows tasks, registry entries, the hosts file, and web browser component to check their status.

The scan results are included in a JSON report that can be either exported or uploaded online on the Adlice servers. A permalink is automatically generated so that you can share the report with others.

A post-infection solution to detect and remove malware

Adlice Diag is a diagnostics software solution that can identify malicious files and securely remove them. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it cannot replace an antivirus solution with real-time scanning, which can prevent infection in the first place.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Adlice Diag and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂