Easy Photo 2 Data URI


Improve Html Pages that Contain Graphic Elements with This Application that Offers Image Embedding for An Enhanced Page or Newsletter View

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Working with multiple graphic elements when designing web pages can be challenging from multiple perspectives. For instance, loading several images through individual requests can take substantial time and is not efficient. Alternative methods, such as the deployment of “data URI” schemes, offered by Easy Photo 2 Data URI can solve such issues by allowing multiple elements to be nested into a single HTML page, accessible through a single request.

Minimalist approach that might not be the best for undertakings that employ working with imagery

The app features a basic interface that constrains users on operating through a “scroll-panel” workflow, which might not be the friendliest in terms of handling. Nevertheless, individual images or folders containing images can be added and several handy options ensure a straightforward inputting/saving.

One aspect that could be considered bothersome is the fact that when loading multiple images, these cannot be viewed simultaneously and browsing through them is rather counter-intuitive.

Add your preferred images and process them accordingly before embedding them

Prior to the actual Data URI embedding process, the app offers users a bunch of tools for processing them according to their requirements. Operations such as mirroring, resizing, cropping or color processing are just a few of the available options.

However, and this is a “big” however, the image pre-processing provided in the app is not related and non-essential for preparing the images for the embedding process. Although useful, this kind of avoids the main functionality, which in turn yields an over-simplified conversion process, which might lack more advanced features.

Average, basic software solution for embedding images into HTML pages through the Data URI protocol

For those who require to process their images before embedding them through the Data URI protocol, this program could be a viable solution. Nevertheless, users must be prepared to live with several limitations, especially in the actual URI conversion functionality.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Easy Photo 2 Data URI and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂