GoSuRF Browser


Check Multiple Websites at The Same Time and With Good Speed, Store Multimedia Items, as Well as Manage Favorite Ur Ls, Block Ads and Delete the History

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GoSuRF Browser is a feature-rich and user-friendly application designed to offer a fast way of browsing various webpages and provides the option to view sites in multiple tabs. Some of the provided features are bookmark bar, history list, adblocker, online translation, and add-on support. The program provides a well-structured and modern interface with a page viewer and a toolbar with all the necessary elements on the upper part of the panel.

Explore links and configure window settings

When started, it loads a blank sheet, which can be changed by typing the desired address and can be set it as the homepage. You can browse various websites, copy stored URLs from another source and run them smoothly. Plus, the app enables you to switch between them with ease by using the provided navigational buttons.

The “File” menu lets you duplicate a tab, display the recently viewed links, open one from the computer in HTML or HTM file format, as well as save multimedia items. In addition, you can search for particular terms and highlight them in different colors, and zoom in and out to view a specific detail. Last but not least, it grants encoding options and lets you change the text directionality.

Add records to bookmark and translate content

You have the option to add sites to a favorite folder, from where you can sort, manage and delete them. All URLs can be backed up and restored in a ZIP file. The built-in dictionary comes in handy when you need to translate content from another language, and may be edited and deleted.

The Adblocker prevents unwanted ads for being displayed while you surf the Internet, along with banners or Windows pop-ups, and from the menu, you can configure its settings. Furthermore, it’s possible to delete the overall browsing history or specific sections, such as temporary files, cookies or addresses.


To sum it up, GoSuRF Browser is a reliable and fun utility, which provides an efficient and secure method of accessing multiple pages at the same time, insert URLs into a bookmark list, clean the history, and safely protects your sessions.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GoSuRF Browser and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂