A Program that Allows You to Review Police Interviews with Complete Video Playback and Bookmarking Features for Better Tracking of Key Moments

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In law enforcement, one of the most crucial steps in an investigation is the interviewing phase with a suspect or a witness, and since verbal communication is something easily forgettable, recording these sessions have become mandatory.

Of course, such specialized domains require specialized software, since you can’t use just any recording and playback tools you download off of the Internet for a forensic investigation.

That is where an app like Liberty Interview Player can come in handy, as it is a software utility specially designed to aid in police investigations.

A standard set of tools

Liberty Interview Player uses standard VHS-like Start, Stop and Record buttons, and all the recorded material is saved into a single file on the recording system hard-drive, or externally to a CD or DVD.

One particular feature of interest of this app is the ability to bookmark videos, which is especially useful in long recordings where several key moments may require reviewing.

Thanks to these bookmarks, you also eliminate the time wasted going with fast-forward and maybe even missing the key-moments you may be looking for.

Intuitive audio playback features

Liberty Interview Player provides playback facilities for your captured audio files and lets you select and listen to individual channels in a recording or a mix of several or all of the channels.

Important recordings can also be saved into universal formats such as .pdf and .wmv for distribution to other agencies, eliminating the need for the download of other third-party playback programs.

A great aid during forensic investigations

Since Liberty Interview Player offers both the functionalities of a complete audio and video recorder and player, it can be used as a singular software tool for when you want to manage all recordings related to a criminal investigation.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Liberty Interview Player and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂