A Lightweight Pos Software with Billing, Inventory Tracking, Expenses and Customer Loyalty Features that Will Improve Your Business Experience

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Retail Management Software is a handy app that can help retail businesses simplify and manage their activity.

First of all, the app can be used to centralize data and manage the business. Manage master data from the Head Office such as products, pricing, discounts, and offers. All can be controlled and managed from the head office and will reflect across stores automatically in real-time. Head office can set different product catalog, pricing or promotions for different region/stores as well.

REgarding the inventory the tool allows you to move stock between warehouses or stores and performs inventory lookups across your sales channels. The transfers are made in real-time, and the purchase orders are automatically generated, based on inventory levels.

Customer feedback can be used to gain more insight into client need and preferences. The app can analyze history and determine offers and promotions depending on the region. Also, you can send promotions by SMS and email, which is a good method for binding with the clients.

All in all, Retail Management Software is a neat tool that can aid your retail business. IT has the means to trade stocks between stores, to take consumer information and turn it into offers, discounts and more.

System requirements

  • Windows

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Retail Management Software and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂