Highly Customizable Web Browser Based on The Blink Web Engine that Features Tab-Based Navigation, a Favorites Organizer, and A Bookmark Manager

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Sleipnir is a feature-rich and reliable web-browser whose main advantages are a high level of customization and advanced tab functions.

The browser gives you the option to choose the Trident (as used by Internet Explorer) or the Webkit rendering engine. The latter is used by default, but you can even define an engine for every website you visit.

But its customization possibilities are far exceeding this and while it may seem difficult, all the options are intuitive. Almost any aspect of the browser can be changed, from the address bar behavior to the bookmarks panel, the page search bar, as well as the user interface. Aside from that, the available plugins and the Chrome extensions are designed to bring extra functionality to the application.

One of the most important features of this browser is the use of a cloud service, Fenrir Pass, in order to sync your Sleipnir data and bookmarks. After creating a Fenrir Pass account, you can share the pages you visit with web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Dropbox.

Furthermore, the service allows seamless linking with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which means you can send links, call phone numbers and use the phone’s mapping function directly from your desktop browser, provided that the Sleipnir Linker application is already installed on the smartphone.

In addition to this, Sleipnir comes with a built-in high-speed feed reader, which enables you to import feeds from Google Reader with a single click. There is a variety of options here too, which range from customizing the article list appearance and filtering to grouping feeds so that they can also be read offline.

The advanced tab functions make the browsing experience much easier. Some worth mentioning are session restore, customizing tab position, tab protection, mouse gestures and tab grouping. Key binding options are also available, which means you can assign shortcut keys for practically every action.

All in all, Sleipnir proves to be a stable and fast web browser that comes with innovative functions and various customization possibilities. The extra security features, together with smartphone and web apps linking are features that make it a viable alternative to its more popular competitors.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sleipnir and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂