Vov Music Player


Play All of Your Favorite Music from Within a Targeted Directory Right from The Taskbar with This Lightweight Software Application

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Listening to music is not something we do as a primary objective when we sit in front of a PC, unless it is accompanied by a neat music video.

More often than not, listening to music is something that you do while you are occupied doing something more engaging, such as work, or gaming.

With that scenario in mind,  Vov Music Player was created to be an extremely lightweight and resource-efficient music player.

A deviation from the standard audio player functionality

Any other audio player would usually pop up on the screen when launched, and then music would be added to the playlist either via drag-and-drop or through manual browsing of the audio file’s location.

The UI would usually provide an amalgam of buttons to help you navigate through your playlist, and there might even be a screen that shows you some visualizations, or sound waves.

Vov Music Player strays from this common practice in every possible way, being focused on occupying as little system resources as possible.

Select your music folder and let the audition begin

Browsing or adding audio files via drag-and-drop is not an option with this tool since it instead prompts you to provide you with the location of your music folder.

After a brief analysis, it will start playing all the readable audio files inside, regardless of whether they are all the same format or not.

A subtle yet well-equipped audio player

More so, the app is hidden in the taskbar by default, so your PC doesn’t have to waste some of its resources rendering the visual part of the player unless you access it yourself.

One thing worth mentioning is that despite the emphasis of making the program lightweight, it doesn’t lack the basics of standard audio players.

You have access to all the standard buttons, such as “Play”, “Pause” “Stop” “Shuffle” etc, so you can still navigate through your playlist problem-free.

A good solution for when you need music in the background

If you’re the type of person that writes important work reports while listening to piano music or are enjoying a session of hardcore gaming with rock and roll in the background, then you will definitely enjoy this app’s subtle features.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Vov Music Player and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂