Look for Your Favorite Artists and Browse Their Entire Discographies, or Discover New Genres and Listen to Related Music with This Application

If you find yourself bored with the songs in your playlist that you couldn’t stop listening once, then perhaps it is time to look for new tunes. But rather than browsing media streaming websites blindly, you can try out Audials Music Zoom. Not only that it allows you to enjoy songs of artists you like, but it also provides suggestions of related musicians that play the same genre.

A new way to search for music

Adopting an innovative approach for a music streamer, Audials Music Zoom displays all the artists on a Universe map where stars are replaced by artist names. However, when you open Audials Music Zoom, the first impulse is to use the search form to look for your favorite artist instead of browsing the map. While you type in a name, suggestions pop up, then the application takes its time to reveal all the search results.

Meanwhile, the genre map is zoomed in towards the area where that particular artist is located. Not only that you see a picture of the artist you searched for, but you also get to check out various other artists playing the same music style.

Navigating the map is easily done using the mouse, and there are zoom in and out options at hand if you need them, which can be controlled using the mouse wheel. Therefore, if at some point you can’t think of an artist to listen to, you can just zoom in to check out what the map reveals. The more popular the artist, the quicker they appear on the map. Zooming in even further allows you to discover less popular musicians belonging to the same genre.

Browse an artist’s discography and listen to music

Audials Music Zoom displays the entire discography of the artist you selected, displaying the name of the albums and all the tracks, together with their duration. It looks for each song on some of the most popular media hosting websites, namely YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Veoh, and Vimeo, and displays the best quality results and the portal symbol.

You can load various versions of a song in the search for the version you like best. Unfortunately, you cannot create playlists in Audials Music Zoom, but what you can do is browse the hosting portals to add a song to your account’s favorites.

The integrated player features the basic set of playback controls for stopping and pausing, or jumping to the next and the previous song in the playlist.

Discover the diverse universe of music

Audials Music Zoom implements an ingenious idea that allows you to find new music and new talented musicians, explore other genres, or remember a tune you haven’t listened to in a long while. And since it comes with no price tag, it is definitely worth a try by anyone who wants to enrich their music collection.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Audials Music Zoom and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂