Control Media Playback Using Global Hotkeys or Media Keys in Numerous Web-Based Music Players, with This Versatile Chrome Extension

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Pretty much every popular music streaming service is web-based or at least offers a browser interface. However, you can’t normally use global shortcuts to control playback in various tabs, making it quite difficult to manage your playlists.

Streamkeys is a nifty Chrome extension that can change all that. It supports numerous online music players and enables you to start or stop playback, skip to the next track, mute audio and even like or dislike songs.

Control your music in Chrome with media keys or global shortcuts

If you aren’t doing anything else in your browser, you probably just want to leave it running in the background. Thankfully, this extension can detect the configured hotkeys and perform the desired actions even if your browser is minimized.

What’s more, Streamkeys supports media keys; therefore, if you have a multimedia keyboard, you can now take advantage of these extra keys even in Chrome.

Manage multiple streaming sites effortlessly

Aside from using media keys or shortcuts, the extension also allows you to control playback by accessing its Chrome menu. Every supported website is listed, and you can view the track that is being played currently, as well as set each site’s priority level.

If a music service has a higher priority level than another, it will be the only one you can control with hotkeys, even if multiple streaming sites are open. Moreover, you can disable any of them if you don’t wish to manage them with Streamkeys.

Every popular streaming service is supported

You can define aliases for websites to get the extension to work with additional URLs; this is useful, for instance, if you are running a server and wish to control playback from Chrome.

In a nutshell, Streamkeys is a very impressive browser extension that does pretty much everything right. It is very easy to configure, supports a large number of music streaming services and is highly customizable. To top it all off, it is also open-source.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Streamkeys and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂