Allows users to specify multiple IP addresses and host names so they can monitor their traffic, as well as adjust the ping interval

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Big Brother is an application designed to monitor your network activities. It can record your entire time spent on a certain network and can pinpoint each of your past activities while online.

Clean graphical user interface

The overall design of the program is extremely simple. It basically splits into two the entire layout and monitors your activity with the help of green or red bars in the lower panel. Each connection can be manually added and altered with a simple right-click.

Effective features

Big Brother offers users a simple set of tools to help them see in the most graphically relevant way how their connection holds up while they’re logged into other networks. All users have to do is basically add a connection, select it, and click ‘Properties’ to tweak it. Additionally, created connections can be extended via siblings as child or brother networks.

The utility is able to log the overall host activity, ping the intervals when the host is reachable and unreachable, and limit the maximum ping reply timeout and the retries count. In case of a host disconnects, the application allows users to override it and play customized sound notifications either from third-party programs or from the app’s sound database.

Users can tweak the tool additionally by customizing the ICMP options based on ping data packet size, simultaneous pings, and saving directory of the log file. Additionally, the app can save data automatically upon Windows shutdown without confirmation.


The overall effectiveness of Big Brother is impressive. It has all the features it needs to offer a high amount of flexibility to its users while giving them tools to monitor properly each host or child network they’re connected to. Also, the program’s set of preferences makes users’ task of monitoring networks a simple matter that takes little time and system resources to accomplish.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Big Brother and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂