Create, Edit and Store Text Document Entries with This Editor that Offers a Wide Range of Features for Formatting and Even Programming

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Text editors these days come packed with numerous features, including advanced formatting and programming capabilities. Some users might be seeking for a more accessible, appealing interface for such programs and Colon is here to provide a very good looking and functioning text editor that is both feature packed and well-designed.

Subtle design that facilitates improved operation and likeability

The app’s main layout is well-thought, and it’s evident that attention has been provided for even the slightest details. Text can be inputted freely in the central editor, and the side panels will offer great project management as well as a log for the IDE.

Dealing with several documents at a time is no problem, as Colon offers tab management for multiple documents simultaneously. Regarding actual text editing, one will benefit from useful feature such as content-based suggestions for fast and efficient text inputting.

Support for multiple template formats that increases flexibility

A wide range of formats are supported, users being able to choose from cpp, py, java, js, cs, PHP, text, etc. Text formatting is provided through a set of tools that offer in-depth editing capabilities, for the font, actual lines, comments or marks.

Code folding or case conversion are just two more features from the impressive array packed by this editor. A status bar present in the lower section of the interface provides information regarding lines, columns or even tab characteristics.

A competent text editor that doubles as an IDE for those who require more

For those who seek a stylish text editor that also offers IDE capabilities, all in an accessible package, Colon could be a very pertinent choice. Its streamlined design, combined with actual useful and comprehensive features make it a reliable tool for inputting and managing text or, even working on code lines in several supported languages. The tool is also available for Mac OS and Linux on the developer’s website.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Colon and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂