Discover a Constantly Expanding World Made out Of Cubes and Mine Your Resources, Craft Objects and Items Using the Collected Items.

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Cubic Castles is a straightforward massively multiplayer 3D platform game that enables you to build your own realm filled with items and objects created using cube-shaped materials.

Build your own realm and invite your friends over

Although you do not have a specific goal in Cubic Castles, you can set your own goals and compete with other players when in terms of creative imagination and crafting abilities. Moreover, you can visit your friends’ realm and try to beat engaging parkour levels.

Cubic Castles helps you discover and learn how to use the building system right from the start as you complete the in-game tutorial. Before starting to build your own items and buildings, you first have to mine the required materials.

Explore the surroundings and collect valuable resources

As a result, you’ll have to roam an ever-expanding world of Cubic Castles and search for new materials that you need to craft new objects using your crafting workbench and anvil. You can find detailed information about crafting tables and how to craft items on Cubic Castles’ recipes page.

It is worth mentioning that Cubic Castles comes with a wide variety of biomes, raging from the forest, mountain, desert, as well as tropical islands each with their own type of resources that you can mine.

Personalize your character and purchase new accessories

On top of that, Cubic Castles offers you the option to customize your character by visiting the in-game shop and purchasing funny-looking hats, shirts, pants, glasses and other accessories.

Thanks to the in-game shop, you also have the option to buy handy building tools, household items, blocks, skins and even entire castles with different biome.

All in all, Cubic Castles features intuitive game controls, simple graphics and numerous building possibilities that are only limited by your imagination and lack of resources. The HUD makes it easy to check your inventory, track your health status, in-game currency status and even interact with other players via the chat system.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cubic Castles for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂