in Gyms, Arenas, or School Facilities You Can Use This Program to Display a Hockey Scoreboard, Keep Track of Time-Out Sessions, and Monitor Penalties, Shots on Goal, and Fouls

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Eguasoft Hockey Scoreboard is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping you display scores during a hockey match. The utility lets you track the score and foul for each player and control the scoreboard for a separate panel so the audience cannot see the mouse gestures.

You can make use of the program’s capabilities by connecting your laptop or PC to a projector or LCD/LED TV and work with it just like a physical scoreboard.

User interface

The tool reveals a well structured suite of features. It wins some extra credits for its sleek and clean design that allows you to set up several score-related actions using simple mouse clicks. The app provides a realistic view of the scoreboard because it gets rid of the window’s border and toolbar.

Score management features

Eguasoft Hockey Scoreboard gives you the possibility to manage scoreboard from separate control panels. You are allowed to change players’ numbers and use custom labels for scoring, edit the name of the teams, start, pause or resume the clock, as well as make time corrections.

What’s more, you can play sound notifications with the aid of a built-in horn, configure a countdown timer or stopwatch, keep track of time-out sessions, and monitor penalties, shots on goal, score, and fouls.

Configuration settings

The application lets you set up the period time and time out (in seconds), assign custom pictures for both teams, choose between several clock display modes, hide player numbers and shots on goal, assign hotkeys for the start and end of the period, as well as adjust the color of the background, timer/score, and penalty.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Eguasoft Hockey Scoreboard and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂