Connect to Your Favorite Storage Account, Such as Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive or Amazon S3, and Extract Any Data with This Simple and Easy to Use Application

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ExpanDrive is a reliable software that enables you to instantly connect to your cloud account on Dropbox, Amazon or OneDrive and manage the data and files you stored in the remote directory. Moreover, it creates a quick path between your computer and the cloud account, in order for you to easily navigate from one to the other.

Easily connect to your cloud account

ExpanDrive facilitates your connection to several cloud services, including Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift Storage, Dropbox, Google Drive,, HP Helion, hubiC or WebDAV. Moreover, you can access the local SSH or FTP server and perform data and file transfer.

You need only enter your username and password, in order to connect to your cloud account, then specify the drive letter and name you wish to assign to the quick path. The software creates a shortcut to the cloud directory right in Windows Explorer, which means that you can access and view it as if it were a USB drive.

Full and quick file management

Due to the creation of the shortcut between your computer and the cloud folder, you may transfer files as easily as if you were copying and pasting them in local directories. You have full control over the files and folders in your cloud account, just as if you were using the browser-based service.

The only difference is the effective path between the cloud account and the local folders, as well as the fact that you can set the software to start with Windows. Thus, every time you turn on your computer ExpanDrive can automatically connect you to your cloud account and create the shortcut in Windows Explorer.


ExpanDrive facilitates your access and management of the files and folders you have stored in your cloud account. You may add, delete or modify files and folders, upload portable applications, as well as create remote backups for your data. Thanks to the quick path that the software creates in Windows Explorer, you can transfer data to and from the cloud account with a few simple moves.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ExpanDrive and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂