Manage the Way Your Google Calendar Entries Are Displayed and Remove, Edit, Search and Replace Entries in Bulk with This Neat Software Application

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If you’re the type of person that has a busy schedule, then the concept of using a calendar or any other time-management tool has probably already crossed your mind.

Ironically, the more tasks you have at hand, the more cluttered your calendar may become, and then you are pretty much back to ground zero.

GCalToolkit is a neat software application that was designed to help you manage your Google Calendar entries, and thus save you time.

A lightweight tool that integrates with your Google account

It doesn’t matter what means you use of accessing Google calendar, be it Outlook, iCal, Sunbird or any smartphone (such as iPhone, Blackberry or Android), you can use this app to gain access to the calendar feature.

Once you’ve synced your Google calendar with GCalToolkit you can proceed to delete duplicates, mass edit, mass delete, search/replace, etc. in pretty much all of the popular calendar tools using GCalToolkit.

For example, if your calendar is full of the same repetitive task, or past tasks that have been taken care of, getting rid of them in bulk is made easy by this tool.


Delete duplicate events from Google Calendar.

Fix calendar sync problems and undo failed imports.

Delete calendar events based on date, type or content

Copy & Move

Copy events to any calendar, keep or delete Guests.

Shift schedules forwards or backwards, preserving exceptions.

Backup and archive events by date or type


Edit in bulk: text, reminders, availability, privacy, event colors and more

Add attachments automatically from Google Drive.

Search & Replace anything, anywhere!

Safe & Easy

Trusted software at a fair price

Expert personal support from the developer.

Secure payment & money-back guarantee

Not a tool for those who do not know what they are doing

Since the app works with the actual online version of your Google Calendar and not a downloaded copy, any mistake made will remain in the online version.

This means that if you are not sure of what you are about to do, then it would be advised that you always perform a backup of your calendar entries before using GCalToolkit

A good solution for those of your with many things to do and little time to do them

While GCalToolkit may not free up time or do the work for you, it can at least make your schedule reading easier as it manages to unclutter and better organize the way all of your Google Calendar entries are arranged.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GCalToolkit and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂