Lightweight, Portable, and Very Practical Application that Displays and Locks the Computer Idle Time, Falsely Informing the System About User Interaction

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As its name suggests, Idle Clock Locker is a straightforward Windows application that displays and locks the idle time.

The app’s interface is as plain as they get. Once launched, users are greeted by a compact GUI that displays the idle time. The scanning process starts automatically once the program is launched. Users are also provided with a toggle that can be used to turn off the tracking process. Furthermore, the idle timer is automatically reset once the app detects any sort of user activity (such as the movement of the cursor, for example).

To be more precise, when the switch is on, Idle Clock Locker simulates user interaction. When the time is “0,” it means that the user is not idle and the app breaks the idle clock. It’s also worth noting that the app uses the computer’s real idle clock, meaning that the information is read directly from the system.

Users can use macros that simulate mouse or keyboard movements to reset the idle clock. In short, this app falsely informs the system about user interaction.

Since the application does not require any installation procedure, it can be run with the least amount of hassle directly from the desktop, or any other USB stick or external storage device connected to said computer. To run the app, users must ensure that their computers are running .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.

To conclude, Idle Clock Locker is a non-complicated tool that does its job rather well.

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We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Idle Clock Locker and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂