Interface to Read and Parse Bib Te X Files

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LaTeX::BibTeX is a Perl module that serves mainly as a high-level introduction to the LaTeX::BibTeX library, for both code and documentation purposes. The code loads the two fundamental modules for processing BibTeX files (LaTeX::BibTeX:: File and LaTeX::BibTeX:: Entry), and this document gives a broad overview of the whole library that isn’t available in the documentation for the individual modules that comprise it.

In addition, the LaTeX::BibTeX module provides a number of miscellaneous functions that are useful in processing BibTeX data (especially the kind that comes from bibliographies as defined by BibTeX 0.99, rather than generic database files). These functions don’t generally fit in the object-oriented class hierarchy centered around the LaTeX::BibTeX:: Entry class, mainly because they are specific to bibliographic data and operate on generic strings (rather than being tied to a particular BibTeX entry). These are also documented here, in “MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS”.

Developer comments

Note that every module described here begins with the LaTeX:: BibTeX prefix. For brevity, I have dropped this prefix from most class and module names in the rest of this manual page (and in most of the other manual pages in the library).


 use LaTeX::BibTeX;

$bibfile = new LaTeX::BibTeX::File “foo.bib”;

$newfile = new LaTeX::BibTeX::File “>newfoo.bib”;

while ($entry = new LaTeX::BibTeX::Entry $bibfile)


next unless $entry->parse_ok;

. # hack on $entry contents, using various

. # LaTeX::BibTeX::Entry methods


$entry->write ($newfile);


System requirements

  • PERL

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used LaTeX::BibTeX and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂