Synchronize the Music and The Games You Play or The Videos You Watch with Your Philips Hue Lights and Enjoy the Color Ambiance in Your Room

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Smart lighting is no longer a novelty and, thanks to its Hue line, Philips has become one of the most reputable names in this field. Aiming to enhance users’ experience with the Hue lights, Philips released an application that can synchronize lights with playing music, videos, or games, which goes by the name ofย Philips Hue Sync.

Go through the configuration to set up the connection

It takes only a few steps to configure the application and, if you have never used the Philips Hue products before, then Philips Hue Sync describes all the steps you need to take to configure the application and the connection to your light bulbs.

In a few words, all the Hue lights must be turned on, and the Hue bridge must be connected to your router (all the bridge’s lights must be blue). Should you want mobile-based control, the Philips Hue mobile apps must be installed on your smartphone. Afterward, you can allow Philips Hue Sync to start looking for bridges.

Subtle, moderate, high, or intense immersion effects

Once connected to a Hue bridge, Philips Hue Sync displays a few options that allow you to control gaming, music, and video sessions. Practically, the application takes a look at the content you are playing and the displayed colors, and generates a light script automatically, according to your synchronization preferences.

The effects can be subtle, moderate, high, or intense but keep in mind that you should get information about the effects of quick light changes on your health.

A cost-free lights synchronization utility for owners of Hue kits

Philips Hue Sync can mimic colors in the movies or videos you are watching, or the screen content in the games you are playing, amplifying the entire entertainment experience.

System requirements

  • Philips Hue lights

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Philips Hue Sync and it worked pretty smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚