Network Analysis Tool that Can Help You Visualize Your Internet Connection and Detect Bottlenecks or Intermittent Issues via Automatically Generated Graphs

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If you don’t know what are you looking for, fixing network problems can be rather hard. PingPlotter Pro aims to provide graphical representations of your connection performance so that you can identify issues a lot faster, in a more intuitive manner.

Monitor the status of your network connection in a visual manner

Right off the bat, PingPlotter Pro presents you with a new analysis window where you get to input the target server, by providing the web or IP address. The app offers you the possibility to adjust both the trace interval and the focus time.

In the PingPlotter Pro main window, you get to see all the servers through which the signal is going, together with details about the response time. What’s more, PingPlotter Pro generates graphs where you get to monitor the latency level and detect if there are any packet losses.

The best part is that you do not have to actively monitor these statistics: PingPlotter Pro comes with an alert function, and you get to define your rules. Whenever the app identifies an issue based on your alerts, it can send an email, play a sound, activate the logging mode, execute a REST call, or modify the summary.

Use the data to fix intermittent issues and share the information with others

The PingPlotter Pro graphs can be used to detect latency or packet loss, and even though these problems are intermittent, the app provides precise details on when it happened.

Worth mentioning is that in the PingPlotter Pro View menu, you get to choose the parameters you want visible so that you can focus only on certain details.

All this information can be shared as a page on, or you can export everything to a text file. Of course, you can also save the graph image to your local drive and share it with others just as easily.

Network performance analysis tool that delivers info in a visual formula

To sum up, PingPlotter Pro can determine the signal’s route and provide performance information, gather details about the response time, latency, or packet loss.

Together with the built-in alert tools, the app delivers a rather comprehensive solution for monitoring the network’s performance.

Furthermore, the fact that PingPlotter Pro generates graphs and helps you analyze everything visually is very useful when identifying intermittent issues.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PingPlotter Pro for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂