A Free Messaging and Emailing Software for Linux, Mac Os X and Microsoft Windows

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Rambox gives you the possibility to add common services many times you need, all in one place. It’s perfect for people who work with many services for business and private accounts.

No personal information will be saved. Sessions will persist using the partition: persist attribute for Webviews. So every time you open Rambox, your sessions will keep alive until you remove the service.


Themes PRO

Choose between Light and Dark.

JS & CSS injection

Improve each app experience including JS code and styling independently.

Ad-block PRO

Prevent unwanted ads and pop-ups.

Dashboard PRO

Manage notifications for all of your groups in different panels.

Mobile view PRO

See and use applications interface as you do in mobile platforms.

Spell check PRO

Errors in spelling are highlighted automatically.

Master Password

Protect access to Rambox and your applications with a master password.

User Agent PRO

Load each application with the user agent of your choice.

Work hours PRO

Choose the time you want to receive and prevent notifications.


Use different proxies on each application (PRO) or a general proxy.

Quick Switcher PRO

Quickly switch to any of your applications.

Hibernation PRO

Rambox automatically hibernates applications to free memory.

Apply Styling PRO

Add your own CSS styling to apps for better looks.

Prevent notifications

Configure each app or group to not notify you or make a sound.

Sync apps

Syncronize every app and app configuration between all your devices.

Custom apps

Create and configure your own custom apps.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Prevent notifications and sounds any time you want.

Search per-app PRO

Look for any text in an application.


Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate easily.

Disable apps

Enable and disable applications without deleting them.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Rambox and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂