Obtain Cutting Patterns for Various Materials Such, as Glass, Wood or Metal and Display a Graph that Contains All the Optimized Values

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Simple Cutting Software X is a lightweight and practical program intended to assist you in maximizing the usage potential of a sheet of material, be it wood, metal, glass or other. It offers you the best cutting options for the pieces that you need, all the while reducing waste.

Basic yet easy to handle GUI

The application displays a straightforward, yet unimpressive appearance, its looks being clearly geared towards efficiency and ease of use, rather than esthetics.

The main window of Simple Cutting Software X comprises most of its functionality, featuring individual tables for ‘Stock’ and ‘Parts’ while, in the right-side panel, you can view the results. More detailed configuration options are just a click away, on the ribbon buttons.

Optimize material usage in construction while reducing waste

The utility is aimed at building or design environments, regardless of their nature, as it can increase the amount of materials used and limit waste. It is only meant for parts with straight-cut edges; ellipses and other types of round shapes are not supported.

To start off, you can define your ‘Stocks’, inputting the details of the sheets of material (width, height, quantity, fiber orientation, label, price, priority and whether to use it or not). Next, you can determine the ‘Parts’ dimensions, quantity, and other such properties, even being able to color-code and assign them to a customer.

Once all your preferences are in place, you can press on ‘Start’ and Simple Cutting Software X will process the information, generating a diagram of how parts should be arranged on the sheet of material in order to fit as many as possible on it. You can save the results to a CSV or XML file, as well as print them.

An easy to use cut optimizer for construction materials

In closing, Simple Cutting Software X is a handy tool created for a well-defined target audience, that you can rely on for optimizing material usage for straight-cut parts, making sure you do not waste otherwise usable materials.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Simple Cutting Software X and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂