A Straightforward Application that Cleans Caches, Cookies, Junk and Temporary Files and Prevents System from Crashes and Freezing Issues.

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Having a healthy and well-maintained system is a must for people that use the computer on a daily basis and need no hindering caused by gradual registry files build-up or unwanted files that cannot be erased by conventional means. If you need your computer clean and in top shape, you should give SystemCarePro a try. This application provides a quick and efficient way to detect and erase all leftover files and registries that take up your space and diminish the system’s speed.

Intuitive and detailed interface

The interface keeps it very simple, as there are only five tabs that offer a different level of cleaning plus several extra settings, a preview windows that displays all detected files and options and an extra spot reserved for listing you main system parts.

Furthermore, in case you need additional information or you have issues with the app, a free client support number is visible on the upper part of the UI.

Scan and remove unnecessary files

Right after the installation process is done, the application automatically starts a quick scan that brings up all detected junk files and the space occupied by them. You can check all these files and their location by clicking “view records.”

Right under Quick Clean, you can find Deep Clean, a more complex method that lets you search after specific items related to browsers, applications, Windows Explorer and more. All these files, if deleted, will greatly improve your system’s speed and health.

Scheduler and exclusion list

If you go to Settings, you can notice that four tabs, from where you can access the scheduler and the exclusion list. The scheduler lets you configure automatic scanning routines in order to spend less time managing the app.

The exclusion list, similar to an antivirus list, allows you to manage registry files that may be detected and deleted automatically if you intend to keep them. Just add any file in this list and it will be ignored.

In conclusion

SystemCarePro is a powerful utility that can considerably boost your system by cleaning all useless registries, junk files, and leftovers that cloud not be erased by the system. The simple process and the automatic means make this app a must for users that need their PCs clean as possible.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SystemCarePro and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂