Antivirus Solution that Relies on The Clamav Virus Definitions in Order to Detect Malicious Files and Send Them to Quarantine if Necessary

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VirusKiller Antivirus (formerly Endurance Antivirus) aims to help you scan your computer and detect malware and viruses that might be present on your drive, even if they are intended for other operating systems.

The VirusKiller Antivirus has received OPSWAT certification that it has passed the EICAR test and you can learn more about it by visiting the official page hosted on

The VirusKiller Antivirus scanner relies on virus definitions, and in the app’s main window you get to see the date and time for the last update, the database version, and the number of included signatures.

Before starting a scan, make sure to check you have the latest virus definitions by pressing the update button (you can stop at any time if you think it takes too long).

VirusKiller Antivirus will connect to the ClamAV servers and download the virus definitions in no time. You can check if the process has been successful by reviewing the last update time, or by reading the log visible in the bottom area of the main window.

Scan any folder on your Mac and deal with any malware that might be stored on your drive

To start using the VirusKiller Antivirus app, you need to specify the scanning method you want to rely on: Malware, Adware, or Security. The antivirus solution also provides support for custom scans and can deep clean the browsers installed on your system.

You get to monitor the scan in a separate panel and, whenever the utility detects a malware component, it will be listed in the bottom area of the window. VirusKiller Antivirus allows you to decide if you want the infected file to be revealed in the Finder, sent to quarantine, or simply deleted.

However, keep in mind that you need to run the scans frequently if you want to stay protected, and you need to handle everything manually: the antivirus does not preserve your configuration between sessions, and there are no scheduling options.

Antivirus tool that can review the content of your drive and point out infected files

The VirusKiller Antivirus is designed to help you stay safe by detecting if there are any malware components on your system, regardless of the operating system they have been built to affect.

The antivirus relies on the ClamAV virus definitions and allows you to quarantine or delete infected files, but the overall capabilities are quite limited: you are not protected in real-time, there are no scheduling options for the scans, you don’t get to save configuration presets, and so on.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used VirusKiller Antivirus and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂