Create Full-Featured Microsoft Word Docx and Microsoft Excel Xlsx Document and Replicate Microsoft Office User Experience with This Tool

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There is no doubt that the market has been overflown with MS Office Suite replicas or programs that imitate at least some of its components. However, few manage to stand out with a familiar look or extra tools brought to the table.

Vole Office, however, is not simply an MS Office clone, but it offers such a wide range of features that it can be considered a valid “alternative” to it.

The same familiar feeling of other popular software tools

Once you’ve opened the app, the first thing you’ll do is probably double check whether you opened the right tool or not, since the UI is so familiar, mistaking it with MS Office’s Word or Excel is almost understandable.

The Word component of this tool offers the same toolset as the MS version, including text editing, page orientation, picture insertion and manipulation, printing, spell-checking and much more.

Much more, the program guarantees direct compatibility with the latest versions of MS Word and Excel, so working on your projects with Vole Office and then resuming it later on MS Office is more than possible, it is encouraged.

Create professional-looking spreadsheets

As with the Word Component of this program, the Excel component is just as much a direct copy of its MS Office counterpart that getting used to it and the toolsets will be a piece of cake.

You gain access to the entire toolset that made MS Excel a staple in office work, including cell editing, creating valid tables, relevant graphs and so forth, all while being 100% compatible with the traditional MS Excel program.

A great alternative for an office suite

While theoretically there is no functional difference between Vole Office and its bigger brother, MS Word and MS Excel, this makes it easy for you to swap between the two, in case you like the feel of one more over the other.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Vole Office and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂