A Powerful and Intuitive Application for The Mac Os Platform that Provides Support to Professional Users Regarding Onsite Optimization

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Website Auditor is a sophisticated macOS application designed to help you optimize your website’s search engine rankings and help you get into the top 10 results in Google or other engines.

Moreover, Website Auditor is able to show you what changes you need to make to your webpages and keywords included in them.

Optimize your website and achieve high rankings

Working with Website Auditor is quite simple, as you only need to specify the website URL in the beginning, let the application analyze the assorted layers of your site’s webpages and ultimately generate a report of the optimizations you need to make.

Furthermore, the Website Auditor app is capable of finding and displaying tons of details after a complete analysis of your website has been made: page number, title, meta description, meta keywords, page PR, HTTP Status Code, Content-Type, Charset Type, Total links, External links and much more.

Can detect and fix lots of website issues

In essence, Website Auditor can potentially quickly detect and fix problems such as duplicate content, HTML code errors, broken links, missing or too long titles and meta description, non-indexed webpages, 404 and other server response errors or miscellaneous issues.

In other words, by helping you deal with these problems one by one, your website can become a powerful and rock-solid source of keywords that search engines can extract. The trick is to follow the steps which are given to you by Website Auditor.

A streamlined SEO solution for macOS

In short, Website Auditor is a feature-rich SEO application for Mac OS X that promises to improve the ranking of your website in Google and other search engines. The app is based on a streamlined method of fixing issues in each webpage of your site.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Website Auditor for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂