Helps You to Study and Remember Anything from Foreign Words and Expressions to Long Poems, People’s Name and Faces Using Flash Cards

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Anki is a well-thought and handy macOS application that helps you remember information and evaluate your learning progress in real-time.

User-friendly and versatile learning assistant that helps you learn and remember things easier

Thanks to Anki you can quickly and effortlessly increase the amount of information you can learn and greatly decrease the amount of time spent studying.

If you need to remember numerous facts and data that you encounter on a daily basis, you can use Anki to improve your learning abilities and even test your memory.

What is more, Anki comes with support for images, audio and video files, as well as scientific markup via LaTeX. In other words, you can use Anki to learn anything from foreign languages to bird species and math or physics laws and equations.

Intuitive interface that enables you to manage and organize your decks

Anki comes with a simple and clean interface that helps you access your decklist, browse their content and add new decks. You can also import files and synchronize your cards across multiple computers and mobile devices.

By accessing the Statistics window, you can view detailed information about your learning progress and check the number of reviewed cards,  your daily average and the number of due cards. You can also visualize your progress thanks to the graph generated by Anki.

Powerful deck browser and highly customizable learning system

The best thing about Anki is that you can personalize the learning process and change the reviewing order. Consequently, you can create options groups, set the number of new cards displayed per day, graduating interval, adjust the lapses interval and more.

The Browser window helps you browse through all your decks, check and change the decks, add or remove tags and make the desired changes. Moreover, you can expand your deck collection with various desks shared by other users.

On Anki’s deck’s page, you can find decks for a wide variety of foreign languages along with flashcard collections for anatomy, biology, mathematics, geography, chemistry, pathology, physics, music and more.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Anki for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂