Provides Access to A Large Texts Database in Order to Help You Identify Violations of The Copyright Law and Reduce the Impact of Plagiarism.

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Developed on the Java platform, AntiPlagiarism is an easy to use software solution that helps you analyze documents and detect if there is any plagiarized content. All you have to do is upload any project’s files to the database, and AntiPlagiarism will check the text and generate a detailed report.

Easy to install utility designed to prevent plagiarism

Right off the bat, you must make sure you have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your Mac. Since AntiPlagiarism comes with its own Java launcher that takes care of the download and installation processes, the entire procedure is quite user-friendly.

However, because it is self-signed, the AntiPlagiarism app might be blocked by the Java security settings: to solve the problem, simply add the program site ( to the list of security exceptions in the Java control panel.

Note that, to be able to access the AntiPlagiarism database, you must input your accounts credentials: only then you will actually be able to see the application’s interface and start submitting works to be verified.

Analyzes the content of your text documents and highlights the parts that are plagiarized

Keep in mind that AntiPlagiarism is available only as a commercial product that works on a subscription base: the license must be renewed every year. For your convenience, AntiPlagiarism also provides cheaper commercial “trial” licenses, that are limited by time or by the number of documents that can be analyzed (you still have to register for an account).

AntiPlagiarism can import popular file formats (RTF, DOC, DOCX, and PDF), and requires you to provide both the thesis title and any other associated applications (the utility can also verify the app’s source code).

AntiPlagiarism app can help you prevent plagiarism by detecting and highlighting the portions of a thesis that infringe on the copyright law.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AntiPlagiarism for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂