Quickly Generate Icons for Applications for Mac, IOS and Android Applications, in All the Required Formats and Resolutions, with This Simple App

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When creating applications for various platforms, you need to take into account that various distribution services, such as the Google Play Store and App Store, have different requirements for icon formats and dimensions. If you’re making a cross-platform application, generating icon sets for each version of the software can be tedious.

AppIconBuilder was intended to simplify this process by enabling you to generate all the icon sets you to need for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac apps, using a single source image, in one quick operation.

Drag your source image and generate icons in seconds

The app allows you to import PNG, JPG and PSD files, and you can load them by just dropping them in the main window. After adding the image, you can alter its scale and increase or decrease the curvature of the corners—from a perfectly square icon all the way to around one.

You can preview the icon while fine-tuning these parameters and the background color can also be changed. However, the preview doesn’t seem to take the current opacity setting into account.

Supports multiple platforms

With AppIconBuilder, you can export icons for Mac, Android and iOS applications from a single UI. You can select which platforms you require graphics for, and a couple of Android and macOS settings can be configured if these platforms are selected.

When you’re ready to save the icons, just select the preferred format, either PNG or JPG, click export and choose the output location. The graphics will be organized into the appropriate folders for easy deployment.

Helpful icon generator for app developers

AppIconBuilder can prove to be a great asset for cross-platform developers who want an easier way to conform to the icon requirements of various app hosting and distribution platforms. It reduces the process to just a few clicks and can speed up app deployment significantly.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AppIconBuilder for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂