Get Thorough Lists of Applications Installed on Remote Computers with The Possibility to Repair Them, or Even Install New Ones from A Distance

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Running a business is done more efficiently with a solid network set up between employee computers so that file sharing is done instantly to ensure a smooth workflow. What’s more, with applications like EMCO Remote Installer Free you are able to prepare a machine for work by viewing and managing installed programs.

Intuitive design and quick process setup

The application gets you quickly up and running thanks to the familiar office suite like interface, as well as a large variety of wizard-driven processes. Side panels let you quickly access areas of interest, with more details displayed in a bottom section.

Before you get to manage installed applications remotely, a connection needs to be set up. This can easily be established with a homonymous wizard that features three methods. In case you’re having trouble providing the correct details, you can choose to scan the whole network and then select from the retrieved list.

Moreover, the process can also be done manually, by providing an IP address range or a single computer NetBIOS name. Additionally, you are able to load a CSV or XML file that contains all needed details and was created either in another instance or with an external application.

A thorough list of apps displayed

Assuming the connection is successfully established, a fair number of options open up. All of them are available both for local and remote machines. A list of installed applications is displayed, along with thorough info concerning modification dates or installed updates.

Manage apps from a distance

You are given the possibility to deploy packages from the local machine with a few easy steps that involve selecting desired items, as well as the destination, which is not necessarily a single machine. What’s more, apps that refuse to run can be put under the scope in an attempt to have them repaired, or you can simply choose to reinstall.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that EMCO Remote Installer Free is a handy application you might want to keep around for inventory tracking and remote application management. It’s easy enough to use and even though the interface seems a little crowded, implemented wizards make sure you don’t have a hard time.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used EMCO Remote Installer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂