Desktop Client for The Glyphr Studio Web Application that Offers You the Possibility to Start Designing New Fonts with The Help of User Friendly Tools

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Glyphr Studio is an Electron-based desktop application for the online platform with the same name that allows you to create and edit fonts. The web app can also be accessed via any web browser at

Design fonts by using the Glyphr Studio service without going through a web browser

The Glyphr Studio application is designed to help you use the online resources available at from the comfort of your desktop without wasting resources by employing a full-featured web browser.

The utility solely connects to the Glyphr Studio online platform, so an internet connection is required at all times. Aside from that, Glyphr Studio does not demand any third-party dependencies.

The only customization option supported by the Glyphr Studio app is the possibility to resize its window, and even switch to full-screen mode. The font and project settings are handled by the online font editor.

Edit and transform glyphs, create and manage components and ligatures, and export the results to well-known file formats

Within the Glyphr Studio font editor, you get to view all the glyphs included in a typeface, see the list of components integrated into each character, transform glyph shapes and adjust their size, and make use of the basic drawing tools to create new elements.

Glyphr Studio packs numerous customization options that you get to modify via simple checkbox controllers or by changing values in text fields. The typeface design can be previewed within the font editor, and you can even generate sample PNG files.

At the same time, Glyphr Studio allows you to save your projects using the TXT file format, or you can export the fonts using the OTF or SVG file format.

Straightforward desktop client for the Glyphr Studio font editing online platform

To conclude, the Glyphr Studio app is a great alternative if you want to use the online platform for designing fonts with the same name.

The Glyphr Studio desktop client eliminates the need to go through a web browser, so you can keep your font editing projects separate without any additional strain on your resources.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Glyphr Studio for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂