A Command-Line Utility for Accessing Hardware Components

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Hardware Access Console is a free and useful software allowing you to have a direct access memory, PCI and input/output port under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux (x86 and ARM). The program interface is in console mode and consists of a simple set of commands for interact with hardware.

Physical Memory Address

The program can access any physical memory location under the 32-bit memory space. You can have a memory dump shown in the console or saved in a file. The program can also read or write to any physical memory address in byte, word or doubleword mode.

PCI Devices Registry Space

At program startup, the software makes scanning of all PCI devices available in the system. To each device found is assigned an identification number used as a reference for all the operations of reading/writing. You can show a detailed list of the PCI devices (with additional information like VendorID, DeviceID and so on) and read or write the PCI registers contained in the 255 bytes PCI space. The read or write operation can be in byte, word or doubleword mode. Like memory function is possible to have a PCI memory dump showed in the console or saved in a file.

Direct Input and Output operations

With a simple syntax, you can make input or output operations to every system port. Like all the other commands the data format of the operation could be in byte, word or doubleword mode. For the special operation called “registry indexed mode” (one port is used for set the registry to modify and the next is used to read or write the register data) has been added a special command for make this operation as fast as possible.

System requirements

  • ncurses-term

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Hardware Access Console and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂