A Practical and User-Friendly Application Specially Made to Help You Create Your Own Custom Font Catalogs Using Adobe in Design

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If you are a graphic designer or a production artist and you use Adobe InDesign on a daily basis, chances are that you need to group your fonts based on their family in order to obtain a usable font sample for your collection. ID Font Catalog along with Adobe InDesign can help you create your own lists in just a couple of minutes.

By using ID Font Catalog with Adobe InDesign you can quickly and effortlessly generate the list of all available fonts and create a sample for each font family using the primary font style and smaller listings with other styles such as italic, text-bold, compressed and others.

From ID Font Catalog’s main window you can easily name your catalog, set the font title size, change the font sample size, write your own sample text and choose the desired page size. In addition, the Font Skip Control panel helps you select the fonts you don’t want to be featured in your catalog.

You can create “Single Paragraph” style listings that can contain from 3 and up to 15 fonts on a single page. Furthermore, you can decide to use the  “Waterfall” style listing that features a text paragraph, font style and sample font sentence in different sizes that can range from 8 to 72pt. On top of that, you can choose between different template styles and configure ID Font Catalog to automatically create bookmarks and page numbers in InDesign for an easier and smoother search if exported to a PDF document.

ID Font Catalog also comes with customizable character samples and sample sentences like the “Quick brown fox”, “Cozy lummox”, “Dingbats” or “simple “ABC, abc and 123”. When you are happy with your settings you can click on the “Make Catalog” and move to Adobe InDesign to make further adjustments.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ID Font Catalog for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂