A Powerful and Comprehensive Vocabulary Trainer for The Mac Os Based on Pro Voc Designed to Provide You Access to Over 4500 Vocabulary Files

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iVocabulary is a self-explanatory macOS application created to help you train lists of large vocabularies. The app is based on the discontinued ProVoc application and supports vocabulary files created with this app but also creating new ones from scratch.

Using iVocabulary should be fairly easy for anyone. From the start window, you can create or import documents, download a vocabulary from the web or browse and access your imported vocabularies, which are organized by language.

The vocabularies included in iVocabulary can contain various information, such as term, definition, image, difficulty and last answered. Moreover, the app provides several different ways to view the words and provides detailed statistics about your test answers.

Furthermore, iVocabulary provides several efficient test modes that, for instance, can give you 3 or 4 choices and 1 or 2 attempts depending on the test. There are also numerous settings for personalizing each test: type, number of choices, method, timer, comments and more.

The application can also be used as a tool to learn translations of words in another language, learn technical terms for your exam or to improve your vocabulary in a specific field. If you like learning words, you can also make a personal vocabulary of words you have just encountered and wish to learn permanently.

Another great benefit for using iVocabulary is that it comes with over 4500 freely downloadable dictionaries in numerous languages. In addition to this, iVocabulary is also available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and you can sync data between the macOS and iOS versions.

Taking everything into consideration, iVocabulary could be of great use to you when you wish to learn a large number of difficult words. It provides access to thousands of vocabulary lists in multiple languages and customizable tests to improve your learning process.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used iVocabulary for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂