A Standalone Java Library that Can Be Configured to Generate Pixel-Perfect Output in Html, Pdf, Rtf and Excel

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JasperReports is a stand-alone Java library that can be configured to generate pixel-perfect output in HTML, PDF, RTF, and Excel. It can easily be embedded into Web and Java applications. The JasperReports™ definition language, JRXML is (of course) XML. There are a variety of report editors that can provide a WYSIWYG user interface for generating and editing JRXML, including iReport. JasperReports has been an open-source project since 2001 driven by Teodor Danciu and supported by JasperSoft.

The large JasperReports community most often uses JasperReports within a Web application. Java developers have to surround JasperReports in some form of application, and while JasperReports comes with a variety of samples showing how to use JasperReports in a variety of situations, it does not provide a complete Web application for running JasperReports.

JasperServer is specifically designed to provide a Web application around JasperReports. Continuing the philosophy of JasperReports, JasperServer is aimed at providing a managed, stand-alone Web reporting environment, as well as being able to be embedded in existing Java Web applications, and services to a variety of technologies through Web services, including the LAMP stack. By focusing on a clean business API and using an advanced inversion of control architecture, JasperServer can be easily integrated and customized for your needs.

JasperIntelligence is an open-source business intelligence platform from JasperSoft, providing common services like security and metadata management, and the capability to easily add additional functionality. The JasperServer is the first service using the JasperIntelligence platform. Following soon will be:

Report and metadata designers integrated with the platform

OLAP user interfaces

Data warehouse management environments

Data integration services (ETL)

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used JasperServer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂