Visual Assets Organizer that Offers You the Possibility to Keep Your Photos, Illustrations, and Other Graphic Content in The Same Place

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Lingo is designed to help you keep your graphic assets organized and easily accessible. The utility creates a custom visual library based on your graphic resources, makes them searchable, and uploads them to the cloud so you can share them with your team.

Keep visual elements organized and accessible at all times

The Lingo app can be used only if you have a subscription plan, and the utility automatically uploads any imported item to the cloud. You can opt to use the service with a free subscription, but you will not have access to the guest and team collaboration functions.

To help you get started, Lingo comes with a sample assets kit, but you can start importing content in no time, with simple drag and drop actions. The utility also features a Visual Importer that can scan folders for and import SVG, EPS, PNG, GIF, or JPEG files.

Sort your graphical assets into kits and groups and assign tags to objects

The Lingo visuals organizer offers you the possibility to create as many graphics kits as you like, and you can choose to organize the items into groups. You can also add notes or tags to each entry, and then use the built-in search tool to find particular objects faster.

Lingo also provides quick access to the Noun Project icon resources, which you can use as you would your own graphic assets.

You can move any of the images to third party apps with drag and drop actions, or you can export the visuals to your drive using any of the supported file formats.

Graphic assets organizer that includes team collaboration capabilities

To sum up, Lingo offers you the possibility to keep all your visual resources in the same place, helps you organize the items into kits and groups, and even makes them searchable.

At the same time, Lingo uploads your resources to the cloud and allows you to invite guests to your kits or even connect to your entire team. The system makes finding and sharing resources with others a lot faster.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Lingo for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂