Store Notes and Create Flashcards for Remembering Various Things, Using Markdown, Then Study with The Help of The Spaced Repetition Technique

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Flashcards are great for studying, but technology has advanced enough that we no longer need to rely on pieces of cardboard to take advantage of this technique. There are plenty of mobile apps that can replace them, and this cross-platform desktop application comes with a few other handy features as well.

Mochi was designed as both a note-taker and flashcard creator, while also implementing a smart system for reviewing these flashcards using spaced repetition. It allows you to use Markdown for writing notes and cards, and it is relatively easy to use.

Write notes and create flashcards

To begin with, you may want to add a few notes to get the hang of things. Markdown is supported, and you can use certain elements to make it easier to create flashcards from these notes in the future. Just read the welcome guide to understand how this works.

Whether you are creating flashcards from notes or from scratch, the process is quite simple. Each card can have an unlimited number of “sides” separated by three dashes. You can also insert media in both notes and cards.

Review your decks using spaced repetition

Whenever you review a card and remember it, the number of days before it will be queued again doubles; if you cannot remember it, the interval is halved. This way, the app ensures you will go trough tricky subjects more often while avoiding the ones you are all too familiar with.

The interval settings are fully customizable, so you can set them to any value you prefer.

Minimalistic UI that needs a better Dark theme

The user interface is very intuitive, employing a tried and tested layout – your notes and cards are listed in the left panel, and their contents are displayed in the main window.

However, while the application does come with a Dark mode, we found that certain interface elements still used the standard color after switching to the alternate theme.

All in all, Mochi is a neat little app that enables you to write notes and create flashcards for studying. The spaced repetition review system is well implemented and fully customizable, but the UI still has some minor issues.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Mochi for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂