Vpn Service and Proxy Designed to Help Mac Users to Browse the Web Securely and Anonymously by Hiding Their Real Ip Address and Location

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Preserving your anonymity while browsing the internet is extremely important, especially if you want to protect yourself against data theft. NetShade is a Mac OS X application that can help you hide your actual connection by using a VPN or a proxy server.

Manage your connection via a small status bar

NetShade comes with the main window that has a very stylish design and enables you to make various adjustments, but the unobtrusive NetShade status bar menu provides access to the same functions in a significantly more streamlined manner.

Via the minimalist NetShade menu you get to quickly change both the NetShade proxy and the NetShade VPN server or switch to a public and user setup proxy. The entire procedure is reduced to a few clicks.

Create your own proxies list

Going through the NetShade main window is advisable any time you want to customize your experience in any way: the Settings icon placed in the top right corner allows you to access the Proxy Manager window, to batch test the proxies, to enable the auto-cycle function, or to refresh the proxy listing.

In the Proxy Manager panel, you get to easily add new servers to the list, block certain address, or apply country and anonymity filters. Of course, the connection speed is very important, so you can choose to automatically exclude the servers that have a low ping value.

User-friendly solution for anonymizing your online activity

NetShade offers you the possibility to hide your real identity by directing your internet traffic through a proxy server, or via a VPN. The application provides access both to the NetShade secure servers and enables you to employ user setup public servers.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used NetShade for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂