Calculate how Many Lines of Code Are Used in Your Project by Just Dragging One or More Files or Folders to This Simple Application’s Ui

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The number of lines of code used in a project is a fairly good indicator of the program’s complexity and the effort required to create it. While not foolproof, this metric has used for both individual developers and companies trying to assess productivity and manage workloads.

PPRows provides you with a very quick and simple way to count the lines of code in your projects. It works via drag and drop, and it comes with some basic filtering options that let you exclude certain types of files and folders.

Straightforward code lines counter

The app consists only of a tiny window where you can drop either files or folders to calculate the total number of lines in a project. If you’re analyzing a folder, the app also tells you how many code files it contains. Additionally, if more than one directory is imported, you will see both the total and per folder count.

To analyze a different project, simply drop a new folder in the main window. The calculation seems to be performed fairly quickly, though this does, of course, depend on the amount of data being analyzed.

Filter files and folders

Before inspecting a project, you can specify which types of files should be included in the analysis. If you are only interested in code written in a certain language, this is how you exclude all the others.

What’s more, you can have the app ignore certain subfolders, such as the Pods directory in your iOS projects. To add a new ignored folder, simply type its name and press Enter.

Great tool for developers looking to assess and compare their projects

While PPRows may lack the advanced features offered by some other counters, it’s the perfect choice for developers who just want a simple way to calculate the total number of code lines in their projects.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PPRows for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂