Create a secure database of all your logins and credit card info, automatically kept in sync between your macOS, iOS, Windows and Android devices

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Keeping sensitive information such as credit cards and password away from prying eyes is a good idea and password managers are the tools you need for this type of task.

One such utility is RememBear, an end-to-end encrypted cross-platform password manager designed to keep all your data in sync between your computers and mobile devices as it comes with support for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows powered devices.

At the moment, the RememBear app can be used to effortlessly generate highly secure passwords, store, backup and synchronize login and credit card information using AES-256 encryption, as well as for rapidly auto-filling password and credit card forms with a click of a mouse.

AES-256 encryption database encryption and fast import from other password managers

In order to take advantage RememBear’s auto-complete and save capabilities you will have to also install its web browser extensions for Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, with support for other web browsers to be added as soon as possible.

Getting started to add information to RememBear is really easy: you can either import your data from other password managers that can export it to the CSV format, save your login and credit card info using the browser extensions, or just enter your credit card and login data by hand using the app’s user-friendly GUI.

Regarding the way RememBear stores your data, it will securely encrypt it with AES-256 encryption using a unique device key and your master password and store it within a file on your local device and on a secure server.

Offline mode with automatic sync when going online

The important thing to remember here though is that Remembear only decrypts your stored items on the local device, which means that they will always stay encrypted when they are synced to the app’s servers or en-route to your other devices while syncing.

RememBear can also be used without an internet connection, as it will allow you to add new items and edit the ones already in the database and it will synchronize everything to the server and your other devices as soon as the local device gets back online.

If you need any other information regarding its inner workings or on how to manage your information securely while using it, you can head over to the RememBear Help website for extra details.

Fully encrypted and cross-platform password manager for the Mac

In a nutshell, RememBear is an easy to use and secure password manager with sync capabilities for multiple platforms, as well as a built-in password generator for fast and effortless password generation on the fly.

Moreover, it is also important to mention that since RememBear is still in public beta, more features and capabilities will be added until the final public release.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used RememBear for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂