Utility Designed to Be a Powerful Font Management Tool that Provides Precise and Complete Control Over All of The Fonts on Your System, While Improving Your Workflow

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Suitcase Fusion is a professional font management solution that features efficient tools for organizing large font collections, toggling the activation of specific typefaces, previewing and comparing designs without having to switch to third-party apps, and much more.

Well organized font manager that effortlessly integrates with your operating system

Suitcase Fusion comes with an installer package that makes sure all the required elements are moved to specific locations on your disk. To make things simple, the app will automatically recognize all the typefaces that are installed on your system, but also comes with a collection of plug-ins designed to integrate Suitcase Fusion with the Adobe applications already present on your Mac.

Furthermore, you can easily connect to your Extensis WebINK account and import new fonts. However, since the service is preparing for shutdown, Suitcase Fusion also offers you the possibility to work with Google Fonts.

Moreover, you can use the built-in search tools to find specific typefaces, import them to your own library with drag and drop actions, and effortlessly activate them via the contextual menu.

Quickly compare typefaces to find similar designs, or create prototype projects

Suitcase Fusion integrates the QuickMatch technology that can be used to identify similar fonts: the app compares the typefaces at the glyph level and then allows you to preview the results.

Furthermore, the Suitcase Fusion app comes with a collection of templates that you can employ to generate project prototypes. By using the QuickComp functionality, you will be able to create sample documents for various types of projects in no time, without having to work with Adobe or QuarkXPress samples.

Powerful font management solution that can handle large typeface collections, and can integrate with various publishing tools

Suitcase Fusion includes efficient tools for quickly importing, and organizing font collections while allowing you to toggle the activation status for any typeface.

Most importantly, you get to preview, test, and compare the fonts within the app’s user interface: this way, you will not waste time working with third-party publishing solution to make prototypes, even though Suitcase Fusion seamlessly integrates with them.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Suitcase Fusion 8 for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂