Table Editor Designed to Work with Markdown Files that Offers You the Possibility to Handle the Tables in A Visual Manner and Preview the Results in Real Time

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Editing tables in Markdown documents can be rather cumbersome considering that you have to input all the markup manually.

TableFlip offers you the possibility to deal with the task in a visual manner, and integrate the output in any markdown document.

Table editing solution that can work with any Markdown document

TableFlip offers you the possibility to start Markdown documents from scratch, but you can also use it to open documents and start working on existing tables. Each time you try to open a file, TableFlip will look for a table snippet surrounded by empty lines.

To make things even easier for the user, if there is no table detected, TableFlip provides the table snippet that has to be integrated into the file. Just click the appropriate button to copy the markup on your clipboard, paste it into the Markdown document, and then make sure to save the changes.

Since TableFlip will continue to monitor the file you tried to open, the document will be launched automatically as soon as everything is in place. All you have to do next is start adding rows and columns.

Edit tables for Markdown documents in a visual manner

Within the TableFlip main window, you get to add the table and columns names effortlessly, add row numbers and input parameters. TableFlip offers you the possibility to both add or remove rows or columns, provides control over the cell’s alignment and can prune the table.

The best part is that you do not have to use the table in a single document: you can copy everything to your clipboard, and even opt of the Markdown or LaTeX standard. This way, you get to integrate the table into other projects and gain time.

User-friendly solution for editing tables for Markdown documents

Bottom line, TableFlip makes creating and editing Markdown tables a lot easier: you get to manage everything visually and integrate the table in your project by relying on simple snippets.

Note that via the TableFlip Preferences you get to change the default table snippet markup in case it interferes with previous formatting decisions.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TableFlip for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂