Font Editor that Can Help You Create or Customize Unified Font Object (ufo) Typefaces with Ease, by Modifying the Glyphs Design or Adjusting the Metadata

TruFont offers you the possibility to either create new fonts using the Unified Font Object format or edit pre-existent typefaces. The utility integrates elementary drawing capabilities, but can also be used to manage the associated metadata.

Start creating UFO typefaces from scratch in a well-organized environment

The TruFont applications launch a new project window for each typeface, and you have the possibility to preview all the included glyphs at a glance.

Double-clicking on a glyph will launch the editing window where you can see the distance between the different elements that make up a glyph or use the ruler to perform further measurements.

At the same time, TruFont provides a pen tool to create new elements and a knife function to remove them. The utility also offers you the possibility to work with multiple layers.

TruFont can operate with the default Latin glyph names, but you can also manually import new ones. The names can be sorted automatically, and you can save the font configuration as a template for later use.

Analyze each glyph and manage the metadata information

TruFont comes with an Inspector window where you can see general details about each element included in a typeface, such as a name, Unicode, width, and so on. Note that you can also have the glyphs organized into groups.

Moreover, via the TruFont Font Info panel, you can input details about the font name, designer, copyright, version, creation date, license, and so on.

By switching tabs in the Font Info panel, you get the option to include details about the font metrics or to embed OpenType, OS/2, or PostScript metadata details.

UFO3 font editor that brings to the table intuitive customization tools

All in all, TruFont offers you the possibility to either start developing new typefaces or refresh old designs.

The TruFont utility includes easy to use drawing tools, gives you the option to work with layers, and can also be used to edit the associated metadata.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TruFont for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂